Charity Award – Cavendish Cancer Care

Posted on May 8, 2017

Cavendish Cancer Care

Cavendish Cancer Care

At Cavendish Cancer Care we recognise that cancer affects every aspect of a person’s life and that the impact of this life-changing diagnosis extends far beyond the patient. We offer free-of-charge support in the form of counselling and complementary therapies to whole families to reduce the severity and duration of this impact. Cavendish care is available at all stages of the cancer journey from diagnosis, through remission and recurrence, to end of life care and bereavement. We also have specialist children and young people’s therapists to offer support to all those up to the age of 18 who are affected by a diagnosis in their family.

We currently support around 1,500 families each year and in our anniversary year we will see our 20,000th client, but we know that there is much more we could be doing. There are 65,000 people already living with and beyond cancer in our region, and in South Yorkshire alone another 8,900 will be diagnosed this year, which equates to one person every hour. Many thousands more will be affected by their diagnoses and we want every one of them to know they can count on our support, but we simply cannot do this without your support

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