Charity and sponsorship

It's safe to say we're committed, not only to helping our members, but to the wider community and charities too.

Charity Award

Launched in 2017, the interest in our Charity Award has grown significantly. Our main aim is simple, we aim to support registered charities with the possibility of a donation prize.

Each year we ask our members and the public to nominate their favourite charities.

At the end of the nomination process, our charity team shortlist the charities to the final ten. Then comes the exciting part, as the voting for the ten charities is set live and it’s up to our final ten (with a little help from us), to get as many votes as possible from their supporters.

We then award the top three charities with a donation as follows:

1st place - £5,000

2nd place - £1,500

3rd place - £1,000

The winners of the 2023 Charity Award are as follows:

1st place - Ben Saunders Foundation

2nd place - Cleft Lip and Palate Association

3rd place - Medical Detection Dogs

Our 2024 Charity Award is now live. Click here to nominate your favourite charity!

Sheffield Mutual Community Fund

Every year, we aim to make additional funds available to local smaller charities, community groups and voluntary organisations – we call this our Community Fund.

Because we try to help smaller charities and groups, we have a donations policy – which is set out below.

  • it must address a community issue or need
  • should have links to South Yorkshire
  • priority will be given to projects or initiatives aimed at relieving hardship, poverty or suffering
  • recipient charities must agree to participate in publicity photos etc. if required
  • donations will not be made to individuals, companies, political parties or religious groups (unless the project will benefit the wider community)
  • donations are not normally available for the benefit of overseas communities
  • donations are not normally available to cover general running costs, but must be for specific projects, initiatives, services, facilities or equipment
  • donations are not available for statutory services, such as libraries and hospitals
  • charities or groups who have received a donation within the last 12 months should not apply

Community Fund application

Please provide as much information about the purpose of the donation so that we can make an informed decision based on your application. Applications will be reviewed within 30 days and we will let you know if you have been successful. All applications will be considered by our charity team – our decision is final. Donations of up to £1,000 available.

Employees' Chosen Charity

Each year, the Sheffield Mutual team has the difficult decision of nominating one charity to be our chosen charity for that particular year.

This year our chosen charity is Barnsley Animal Rescue Charity who provide mental and physical rehabilitation to prepare the animals in their care for a new home. 


We also consider requests for local sponsorship. The sponsorship must be consistent with our values and with the intention of benefitting communities within our South Yorkshire heartland.

If you would like to apply for sponsorship, please contact us here.

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