Corporate & governance

We run purely for the benefit of our members and have their best interests at heart. We work hard in the background to make sure that happens.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports

Our Annual General Meeting is held every year and gives our members the opportunity to have their say on how we are run. Below is an archive of results and minutes from previous meetings.

Report & Accounts

Each year, we publish our annual Report & Accounts; these include our strategic report and an overview of our annual performance. Below you will find our archive.

Solvency & Financial Conditions Reports (SFCR)

Our Solvency & Financial Report provides an annual overview of Sheffield Mutual and is a regulatory requirement under Solvency II. The SFCR covers: business performance, an explanation of our governance systems, the risks we need to consider and a description of how our capital is managed.

Rules of Sheffield Mutual

Our rule book, which outlines how we are run and how we adhere to our rules and regulations.

Principles and Practices of Financial Management

This document (known as the “PPFM”) sets out the Principles and Practices of Financial Management by which Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society Limited (the “Society”) conducts its with-profits business.

Our Responsible Investing Approaches

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