15 August 2023

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The Sheffield Mutual Bake Off 2023

We hosted our second ever Bake Off last month, taking on the challenge of creating a delicious rainbow themed bake. The winner took home the office Bake Off champion title! The office tasted and scored each entry based on three different factors to give a score out of 15:

  • Presentation
  • Taste
  • Rainbow-ness

Rosie won our previous bake off with her butterfly buns and sound knowledge of the Great British Bake Off. So who was this year’s winner?

Let’s meet the contenders:

First up we have Paul G with his rainbow layer cake with cream cheese icing.

Comments from the judges were:

"Good texture with different coloured layers for the rainbow look, it was a sweet and tasty cake, top marks for meeting the objective of the competition." - Josh

“The multi-coloured cake was delightful to look at and the cream icing was lush, had to go back for seconds!” – Emily

“All the efforts were amazing. Some of them looked professionally done or like they belonged in a supermarket bakery. Not a soggy bottom in sight. My personal favourite was the rainbow cake. I may or may not have gone back for seconds... or thirds.” - Will

The team were evidently very happy with Paul’s effort. I’ll tell you what, it certainly did not have a soggy bottom!

The next entry was Rosie’s Victoria sponge cake with cream, strawberries, and rainbow sweets.

That’s a nice bake! Let’s see what the judges had to say:

“This illustrated great baking skills with a fluffy sponge topped with multiple colours to show the rainbow objective, including red through some fresh strawberries, it was a lovely cake and top ratings to the chef" – Josh

“I thought this bake was excellent, the softest sponge I’ve ever tried” – Becca

“Cake! Cake! Cake! Was so hard to pick a winner, loved the brownie, loved the rainbow cake, but the cream cake just pipped them to the post for me!” - Sallie

Lauren’s rainbow chocolate brownies were the next entry to be judged:

The judges had some great comments to make on the brownies:

"Great chocolate brownies brought into the mix with some colour from M&M toppings, it was light and full of flavour, impressive baking skills" – Josh

"I'm a sucker for a chocolate brownie, so this had to be my favourite. Gooey and moist yum" – Oli

“They were all delicious, although the brownies were my fave!” - Megan

Last but certainly not least we have Josh’s buns!

The baker would like to make a comment on his efforts: "Took one for the team. Someone has to come last”.

Let’s see what the judges thought:

"All the cakes were delicious, even the dodgy shop bought ones." – Oli

“Everyone did amazing!” – Cindy

“With the shop bought cupcakes from Josh... I agree with what Paul Hollywood once said. "With all the love in the world. I'm not going to eat it."” – Will

Then it was time for the team to score the bakes and the votes to be counted…

Rosie managed to take the crown again with 0.5 points more than Paul! Congratulations Rosie!

Will anyone be able to take on the two-time champion? Hopefully we’ll find out sooner rather than later🤤!

By Rebecca Levers

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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