14 April 2022

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Seven ways to spice up your Easter egg hunt

Easter Sunday is an important day for those who celebrate it, it’s a sign of new life and fertility, it is also the end of lent for those who gave up something of temptation, and a time to indulge for many… One activity that many of us will participate in on Easter Sunday is an Easter egg hunt, however for older children or the adults of the family, the fun wears off and it isn’t as exciting as it used to be. Whilst most will gather their family together for a family dinner or head to Sunday service, there are more new holiday traditions beginning, including adult Easter egg hunts. There are many methods of making an egg hunt more adult friendly and a bit of fun for the whole family; here are seven ways of spicing up your annual egg hunt:

1. Host a themed egg hunt! Who doesn’t have a great time in planning their outfit and getting ready for a themed event? Not only could you request guests to dress up, but you could also decorate your house and garden to the theme if the weather permits. Gathering treats or decorating eggs to match that theme could bring the whole idea together. For example, if your theme was 90’s you might look to wear acid-wash jeans, tube tops, Capri pants and crimp your hair! There are still lots of 90’s treats that can be bought in supermarkets or on Amazon, you could try fruit winders, monster munch, wagon wheels, or dip dabs – all of which can be hidden around the house for the egg hunt part of the day! Other themes you could try could be Hollywood, heroes vs villains, animal kingdom, retro, rainbow party, your favourite film / TV show etc.

2. Organising a treasure hunt would be good fun for all the family. Instead of chocolate, put clues in the fillable eggs that sends everyone around on a different path, eventually leading them to the grand prize. It’s a simple idea yet could take a lot of planning depending on how many people you have participating. Different abilities should also be taken into consideration if there’s a mix of ages participating, so harder clues for the adults may be necessary! Using the same-coloured egg for each person’s clues would avoid them being mixed up too! The grand prize could include money, gift card, an experience of some kind, toys, or an Easter egg to name a few.

3. Get some glow sticks, wait for it to go dark and hunt for glow in the dark eggs! This is a great idea for children but an even better idea for the adults who want to have some Easter fun after the kids have gone to bed. All you have to do is crack some glow sticks to make them glow, put them inside fillable plastic eggs and hide them around the garden. If you can fit some chocolate inside the eggs too, that would be a great incentive to get people to look for them. The glow sticks may struggle to shine through dark coloured eggs so you should try and use lighter coloured ones. Be careful, it might be hard to see where you’re going if it’s really dark. You could wear glow sticks too so you can see each other and avoid any collisions.

4. Reverse egg hunt: Why don’t you try getting the kids to hide the eggs and have the adults search for them? Not only will the kids have fun hiding them (we’re sure they’d hide them really well, so well you might be finding them for months!), but they’ll also enjoy watching the adults attempt to find them too. You can combine this with another type of egg hunt, so the kids get to do the searching too.

5. Make or buy a piñata! Filling a piñata full of Easter treats can be great fun for the whole family! Make sure you’ve got a blindfold and spin the adults a few extra times to give the kids a chance! If you can’t get hold of a piñata before Easter it is possible to make one at home with just newspaper, water, flour, and paint for decoration. Use a balloon to get the egg shape but make sure you leave a space to put the treats inside! There are lots of tutorials on YouTube if you’re unsure!

6. Anything but chocolate: This version of an Easter egg hunt is as simple as the name suggests, you hide anything apart from chocolate. This could be films, toys, books, money, jewellery etc. That way, no one knows what they could possibly find and at the end you can all exchange finds to get a collection of gifts that suit you. Just make sure you remember where you put them just in case they don’t get found!

7. You could introduce challenges into your egg hunt! One way would be to hide challenges, forfeits, or prizes inside fillable eggs, hunt for the eggs and then get everyone to open them one by one to see what challenges they’ve got to do! This way everyone gets to have a laugh at the person with the worst forfeit and it’s a tense time whilst you’re waiting to see what’s inside yours. If the contenders know that they’re searching for forfeits, they might be unwilling to participate or maybe hold back from finding many eggs. To avoid this from happening, you could keep it a secret or do a mix of prizes, challenges, and forfeits so no one knows what they’re going to get! Or you could create challenges in order to get the chocolate egg, which could include tasks such as an egg and spoon race, apple bobbing (with eggs), or even break the egg without using your hands for example.

We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, and we’d love to know if you try any of our egg hunt ideas this Easter! You can let us know via our social media platforms: Instagram (@sheffieldmutual), Twitter (@SheffieldMutual), Facebook (Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society) or LinkedIn (Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society).

By Rebecca Levers

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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