8 May 2024

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Nominate a deserving charity for the 2024 Sheffield Mutual Charity Award and help them win up to £5,000!

Do you know of a charity making a significant impact in your community?

The Sheffield Mutual Charity Award is now in its eighth year and continues to grow in popularity. Every year we ask our members and the public to nominate their favourite charities to be entered into our Charity Award. This is known as the nomination stage and will close on the 30th June where the charities are then shortlisted down to a final ten by the Society’s charity team.

The top ten will go to the public vote where they have the opportunity to gain votes from their supporters and increase their chances of getting to the top three. The top three places are awarded the donation amounts of:

1st place - £5,000

2nd place - £1,500

3rd place - £1,000

The winners from 2023 were Ben Saunders Foundation (1st place), Cleft Lip and Palate Association (2nd place) and Medical Detection Dogs (3rd place).

Tom Saunders, from Ben Saunders Foundation commented on their win:

“This is absolutely incredible news for us. We have recently purchased a lodge in the Cotswolds and this £5,000 will pay for a ramp to be installed for disabled access. The opportunities this will provide is amazing.”

To nominate a charity, all you have to do is click the following link, fill out a few details and click submit: https://www.sheffieldmutual.com/nominate-a-charity-to-receive-up-to-5-000-with-our-charity-award/

The criteria for any charity nominations are as follows:

- The charity must be registered on the gov.uk website

- Priority will be given to charities aimed at relieving hardship, poverty or suffering

- The charity will need to engage with their supporters in order to gain votes and if they receive the donation amount the charities will be required to use their best efforts to promote their relationship with the Society, agreeing to participate in photos as required

There are a few standard exclusions to be aware of:

- Charities should be UK based

- Donations are not available for statutory service, such as libraries and hospitals

- The charity must not be related to companies, political parties or affiliated to religious group

By Rebecca Levers

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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