22 March 2022

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We’ve donated essential items for Ukrainians fleeing to Poland.

As the current conflict in Ukraine continues, the team at Sheffield Mutual wanted to do our bit to help and knew the importance of donating essential items. We started collecting items such as non-perishable food (noodles, packet foods, tea/coffee, bottled water, baby food), medical supplies (bandages, first aid kits, dressings, antiseptic cream), clothing (gloves, hats, vests, thermals, baby clothes) and miscellaneous items (nappies, toiletries, sanitary products, sleeping bags, blankets) to donate.

This week Paul, Jane, Megan and Rebecca visited Brunswick Primary School in Sheffield, where they took Sheffield Mutual’s donations for those fleeing to Poland from Ukraine. Brunswick Primary School have already sent one car full of donations off and have a warehouse of donations ready to go.

Megan Carrie, Child Trust Fund Administrator at Sheffield Mutual, said:

“I felt that it was important to donate to Ukraine because it is awful what they are going through currently. We wanted to help as much as possible, that’s why I helped to organise this collection. I’m so pleased the whole team got involved and we managed to get together some much needed essentials, these will truly make a difference to those who have nothing right now.”

By Rebecca Levers

Marketing and Communications Specialist

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