10 May 2021

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Do you know a charity that could benefit from a £5,000 donation?

We are now in our fifth year of our charity award and we are once again asking our members and the general public to nominate your favourite charity. 

Nominations will close on 30th June 2021.

Once nominations have been made, a panel consisting of employees and Board members will choose the final ten charities to put forward for the public vote. Charities will then have until 31st October 2021 to get as many votes as possible.

The successful charities will be announced in November 2021. This year there will be three winners, the charity with the most votes will receive £5,000, £1,500 for 2nd place and £1,000 for 3rd place.

Last year these charities scooped an award:

  • Paces Sheffield - £5,000
  • Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue - £1,500
  • Baby Basics Sheffield - £1,000

To nominate a charity, head over to our nomination page here.

Criteria for charity nominations.

  • Charities nominated must be registered charities on the gov.uk website
  • Priority will be given to charities aimed at relieving hardship, poverty or suffering
  • Recipient charities will be required to use their best endeavours to promote their relationship with the Society and must agree to participate in publicity photos etc. if required
  • Charities will need to engage with their supporters in order to gain votes

There are a few standard exclusions to be aware of:

  • Charities nominated must not be related to companies, political parties or religious groups (unless the project will benefit the wider community)
  • Charities should be UK based
  • Donations are not available for statutory services, such as libraries and hospitals

By Laura Staniland


Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist

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