10 May 2018

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Community Fund - We've made a donation to Barnsley Youth Choir (BYC)

I'm pleased to announce that the Committee of Management agreed a £250 donation to sponsor a child in the Barsley Youth Choir and we'd like to wish them all the best for their upcoming performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 

Barnsley Youth Choir has over 450 members ranging from 4-24 years of age.  They have 4 Choirs consisting of the Junior, Children’s, Intermediate and Senior Choir.  They rehearse one night per week and people from around the world are astounded at what these young people from Barnsley have achieved.

In 2017 selected members from the Senior Choir attended the European Choir Games in Riga.  Barnsley Youth Choir were competing in the Pop and Gospel/Spiritual sections against adult choirs in one of the Worlds biggest choir competitions.  They won both their sections and the Grand Prix events for both sections bringing home 4 gold medals!!

The choir is growing from strength to strength under the outstanding leadership of Musical Director Mr Mat Wright.  Mat founded the choir along with Keith Norton 9 years ago and nobody could have predicted the success it has been.

They now have people from all over the world wanting to come and work with their young people such is the reputation they now have.  In October they have the world famous Michael Barret who works with the University of Pretoria Choir in South Africa, Tuks Camerata, coming over to work with their young people.  They know their members will learn so much from Michael, it is fantastic they are able to offer them such wonderful experiences with outstanding individuals.

In August of this year they'll be taking 150 members of BYC to perform at the Greyfriars Kirk in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This will be an amazing experience and one they will remember for the rest of their lives!

Many of their members come from underprivileged backgrounds.  BYC are keen to ensure that no child is unable to attend choir due to financial reasons.  It is important that anyone who wants to sing can come and sing.  That is why, as a Charity, it is vital they receive funding from the local community as they simply couldn’t run without it!

If anyone would like to know how they can support BYC please follow the link below to their Crowdfunder site:


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