Tell-a-friend (‘TAF’) terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions surrounding our Tell-a-Friend scheme.

1. When you apply for a policy using the Tell-a-Friend scheme, Voucher Express (our gift card fulfilment partner) will send the M&S or Love2shop gift card within 90 days after the policy has started and the first payment has been received. Sheffield Mutual is not responsible for missing cards, cards with no balance or cards with less balance than advertised and all enquiries should be directed to Voucher Express on 0371 384 5931.
2. The ‘friend’ must not be an existing or previous member of Sheffield Mutual and the existing member must have been an adult member or adult proposer for a child for at least one month prior to the use of the ‘TAF’ scheme.
3. When the ‘TAF’ promotion is used, both the existing member and the ‘friend’ will receive an
M&S or Love2shop gift card after the new member’s first new policy starts. The existing member will receive a £75 gift card and the amount of the new member’s gift card will depend on the amount invested (see table below).If the new member applies for more than one policy of the same type, gift card amounts will be based on the total amount invested not for each individual policy.
4. Subsequently opened policies and additional contributions will not be included within this scheme.
5. The application must meet or exceed the minimum investment limits of £10 per month or £100 single, to qualify for a gift card.
6. In the case of a joint life policy the existing member will qualify for one gift card only and the
new member will be classed as the ‘first life’ on the policy, the ‘second life’ will not be eligible
to receive a gift card.
7. In the case of a child’s policy the gift card will be sent to the proposer.
8. These gift card promotions may not be combined with any other offer.
9. If the new policy is cancelled within the 30 day ‘cooling off’ period gift cards will not be sent.
10. If the new policy is cancelled within 12 months of commencement, we reserve the right
to deduct the value of the gift card(s) from any surrender value or refund of premiums.
11. Gift card types are subject to availability and an alternative may be sent, if the gift card choice
is not recorded on the application Love2shop gift cards will be sent.
12. The Society reserves the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time without notice.
13. The Society may withhold gift cards if the scheme is being misused and/or abused.
14. Gift cards cannot be issued on a retrospective basis - The application form must state the use
of the ‘TAF’ scheme and must include the existing member’s name before we process your application in order to qualify for a gift card.
15. Intermediaries may not claim promotional gift cards as well as any other fee/commission arrangements when submitting a new policy.
16. Applicants may not claim a gift card for an application where a fee/commission is being paid
to an intermediary unless the intermediary has an arrangement in place with the Society.
17. The promoter of this offer is Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society Limited.

New member’s investment amount (annualised)

Gift card for new member

Gift card for existing member

Up to £4,999



£5,000 - £9,999



£10,000 - £19,999



£20,000 - £29,999



£30,000 +




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