What our members say?

Really useful, clear website. Previous interactions with Sheffield Mutual positive. Straight forward application process. 

Anon (Oct 18)


Debra, Susan and Megan all excellent. Lovely how you pick up the phone immediately (no waiting at all) and make investing so easy. I would 100% recommend and would happily provide a lengthier investment. I would also love to come and work with/for you.

D Hickman, West Midlands (Sept 18)


Andrew has a first-class knowledge of products. First class customer service - well done 100% 

Anon (Sept 18)


Solid company with 125 years history - money safe with you.

A Gordon, Denbighshire (Aug 18)

Helpful communication by email and telephone. 'Effective investment with a personal touch'.

K Cole, Lancashire (Aug 18)


I applied for my ISA through the Tell-A-Friend Scheme but the person who contacted me re my application sounded very professional and polite. Very impressed by being contacted by a person - would recommend.

Anon (Aug 18)


All the staff I have spoken to on the phone have been friendly, polite and informative - the call has been answered quickly.

Anon (June 18)


Excellent service throughout from efficent friendly staff.

Anon (June 18)


I was looking for a straight forward, no nonsense long term regular savings plan. After long research on the internet I found this to be the ideal policy and provider, very pleased.

P Bell, South Yorkshire (March 18)


I have always found your staff helpful and polite by phone and prompt in answering my call - no hanging on and annoying jingles.

Anon (March 18)


The person I spoke to was really helpful and explained my options in a way that was easy to understand.

Anon (March 18)


My dad made me a member in 1933, my four sons are members as are my two grandchildren.

A Daniels, Nottinghamshire (March 18)


Excellent customer service, helpful, friendly, professional staff.

E Needham, South Yorkshire (March 18)


I would like to say how friendly and helpful your team were and you have a lovely manner over the telephone.

Anon (Jan 18)


Thank you for your help, I am more than grateful to you, I'm more than totally satisfied, words can't say how much I'm satisfied. 

Anon (May 17)


Great company, if I ever wanted to invest again I'd choose you. 

Anon (April 17)


Your ethical investment policy is important to me, your past performance shows you work investments hard.

D Barlow, Lancashire (Dec 17)


Very speedy dispatch of application forms and quick response communication and queries.

C Lindley, South Yorkshire (Nov 17)


I prefer to invest with a mutual society who put members first instead of shareholders and big hedge funds.

S Henderson, Moray (Nov 17)


Best thing I did since retiring, no real opportunities for another investor so safe dependable savings is what you offer. 

D Dunning, Dorset (Nov 17)


Sheffield Mutual's conservative investment strategy is very important as is the guarantee after 5 years. (Investment Bond) 

T Cross, South Yorkshire (Oct 17)


£5 per month, starting a policy is affordable. 

A Broughton, Lancashire (Oct 17)


Excellent phone service - prompt, efficient and very helpful. 

J Crabbe, Ayrshire (Oct 17)     


Brilliant service by phone and in person, simple and easy processes, extremely satisfied & would recommend. 

A Sahota, Middlesex (Oct 17)   


Phoned last week and had a person reply. Curtis was very helpful. 

R Pallister, Hampshire (Oct 17)


Since first introduction by financial adviser about 10 years ago, I have subsequently invested a second time more recently. 

S Blaby, South Yorkshire (Oct 17)        


I joined because of previous good investment returns - keep up the good work. 

C Kimbley, West Midlands (Oct 17)


Always very helpful with outstanding customer service. Have recommended to family and friends. 

B Brignall, East Sussex (Oct 17)


When I have phoned your office for information/advice about savings options I have always had a very positive experience and been given all the information or advice I require in a very professional but friendly manner. 

D Jefferys, South Yorkshire (Oct 17)                


My first telephone conversation was friendly, informative & polite. 

J Wild, West Midlands (Oct 17)


Very courteous staff. 

R Batingan, South Yorkshire (Sept 17) 


Great service. 

M Slade, Middlesex (Sept 17)               


This is my third policy with Sheffield Mutual. 

L Mackay, Inverness-shire (Sept 17)              


I knew my money would be safe - you offered better returns than the high street banks. I have never yet spoken to anyone who wasn’t pleasant, helpful, happy and just plain nice and easy. 

H Taylor, East Yorkshire (Sept 17)        


I invest in Sheffield Mutual because the investments are classed as lower risk. Easy to speak to someone without waiting. 

D Retchford, Cornwall (Sept 17)                    


My Grandpa was a committee member for many years. A very wise man who researched before investing in any financial schemes. His words of wisdom rubbed off on me and I have had excellent service from you ever since. 

H Thompson, West Yorkshire (Sept 17)        


Very friendly staff and very helpful. 

N Furness, East Yorkshire (Sept 17)


Always fantastic to speak to somebody straight away on the phone. 

C Higgs, Kent (Sept 17)


The people I spoke to were friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Debra for her patience. 

G Smith, Kent (Sept 17)                     


Strong recommendation after searching for good investment terms. 

E Hess, Norfolk (Sept 17) 


First became aware of Sheffield Mutual at the South Yorkshire event at Wortley Hall and was very impressed. 

J Martin, North Yorkshire (Sept 17)       


I find Sheffield Mutual offer good investment returns and are very efficient and offer a prompt service. 

J Cullimore, Warwickshire (Sept 17)      


We did contact your office when we received the policy details as an initial was incorrect. Your member of staff apologised and corrected it immediately. Easy to follow instructions and guidance. 

V Rawlinson, Lancashire (Sept 17) 


Was not rushed. Staff treated me as a person not as some firms treat people as a nuisance and abrupt

S Ratcliffe, West Yorkshire (Sept 17)     


Excellent customer service, real personal touch. Sometimes you have to delve a bit. I would like to be able to view my policies and performance online. 

S Wheatley, Somerset (Aug 17)            


Our previous dealings with Sheffield Mutual have been very positive. You were the only organisation offering the product term and interest rate we required. Very clear and concise. 

J Forward, West Yorkshire (Aug 17)                           


Lovely people to deal with and great products and service. Also friendly and easy to talk to. 

P Searson, South Yorkshire, (Aug 17) 


Phone picked up by two double rings and spoke to a human. 

F Elvin, South Yorkshire (Aug 17) 


3 phone calls made, different people, all were patient, informative and helpful. 

J Petty, West Yorkshire (Aug 17)                       


I found the communication was so helpful, put me at ease and gave me understanding

J Collins, West Yorkshire (Aug 17)                 


Final decision was made on the basis of the kind of policy you offer, for my particular needs though I was pleased you were also a friendly mutual. 

J Weir, Midlothian (Aug 17)                   


Debra looked after us with courtesy and efficiency. She is a credit to your society and made me feel confident the steps I was taking. 

H Pollard, South Yorkshire (Aug 17)     


I really enjoyed speaking with Rosie, she was really helpful. 

S Gould, Denbighshire (Aug 17)                     


Very clear literature. 

D Stanley, Hampshire (Aug 17)           


Sheffield Mutual have proved sound, true, value and a secure means of investment. We're hooked. All phone responders know and respond to enquiries perfectly. 

B Badham, Nottinghamshire (Aug 17)          


I did some initial research online about your society and then about 6 months later my son told me he'd opened a policy with you. My life is so busy I was glad of his reminder. Very friendly service; Debra made the whole process simple and quick. She really listened and pointed out the online payment option as I rarely use cheques. 

L Dickens, Hampshire (Jul 17)  


All the contact we have had with SM has been excellent, very friendly helpful staff. 

M Clements, North Yorkshire (Jul 17)                         


First class customer service. Well done 100%. Staff very helpful, first class prompt service well done. Very knowledgeable of products. 

G Cassidy, Cheshire (Jul 17)    


Extremely competent and easy to understand. 

P Caldwell, South Yorkshire (Jun 17)    


My Grandad did all of it for me. He said you were great. 

A Dove, Essex (Jun 17)            

The combination of historical roots, holding to your values and performance is a winner for us

B Badham , Nottinghamshire (Jun 17)


Excellent service as always. When I phoned I did not have time to complete the application so your staff completed it from my data history. Well done!

F Coverdale, Tyne and Wear (Jun 17)

Excellent service!

R Broadway, Hampshire (Jun 17)


No pressurised sales & speed at which information etc was sent

D Ruse, Essex (May 17)

Information and application pack arrived by post day after initial phone call - impressive

L Ruse, Essex (May 17)


I wanted to start to save and it was the guaranteed final amount plus bonuses that influenced me

P Mann, Avon (May 17)


Excellent telephone staff attitude

H Frain, West Yorkshire (May 17)


Always helpful when I ring. I actually speak with a person

J Holley, Gwent (May 17)


It was a pleasure to hear the telephone answered by a human voice and to be treated in a courteous manner

P Hall, Derbyshire (May 17)


Superb help and willingness to help to initiate policy whilst I was away. Very friendly and helpful. Excellent

L Holley, Gwent (Apr 17)


A similar product matured with the RNPFN and I was too old for a new one with them. You allow people my age to take out a policy

A Westwood, South Yorkshire (Apr 17)


I have 4 policies with you & always find you knowledgeable & helpful. I like to speak with someone

J Holley, Gwent (Apr 17)


Incredibly fast turnaround of application

S Swales, West Yorkshire (Mar 17)


Very efficient service

P Stocks, Nottinghamshire (Feb 17)


Your literature is some of the most lucid in the financial industry - very thorough and free of trade jargon. It is no surprise that you are breaking customer-number records each year! It is good to know your willingness to 'visit at home' when necessary

D Clarke, South Yorkshire (Jan 17)


Staff are very helpful & friendly, was not rushed and got everything sorted

D Marsh, South Yorkshire (Dec 16)


Doing business on the phone has been so easy and friendly. The phone is always answered promptly and your business is always conducted by the person answering the phone

J Hirst, North Yorkshire (Dec 16)


I was born in North Yorkshire. Wanted to deal with straightforward people. Sheffield Mutual provide that

G Fox, East Sussex (Nov 16)


In the current 'unfriendly' financial climate, I felt this was the best choice to manage my money

H Taylor, East Yorkshire (Nov 16)


Previous investor, extremely impressed with service, products and performance. One word – brilliant.

C Richards, West Sussex (Nov 16)


It is the second time I have started an account for my new grandson. Very pleased with Sheffield Mutual

J Paulding, East Sussex (Nov 16)


Excellent 'no hassle' service

S Bell, West Yorkshire (Oct 16)


Easy application process with simple and understandable forms and documentation

J Harper, Suffolk (Oct 16)


I'm impressed with the information received, efficient and easy to understand. The website easier to understand than other websites it clearly tells you your guaranteed amount

F Lee, North East Lincolnshire (Oct 16)


I telephoned the office and the person who answered the phone was able to handle my enquiry. They communicated very clearly, were competent, helpful & friendly. I wasn't kept on hold for ages listening to recorded music - which happens with a lot of other companies

R Bellamy, Dorset (Oct 16)


I have used before and always had a good service. Very happy with the policy I have

M Stait, West Midlands (Sep 16)


Faultless & friendly service for a simple investment product friendly, easy to use website and appealing as a "shop window" to your products

S Hartley, Rutland (Aug 16)


1st Class Service

N Jackson, Cambridgeshire (Aug 16)


Very pleased with your information on saving products online and ease of use and to apply

K Mehta, Greater London (Jul 16)


You couldn’t have been more helpful

M Leach, North Yorkshire (Jul 16)


I would like to thank all the staff for their friendly knowledgeable attitude. Special mention to Curtis who handled my enquiries and is another reason I did another policy. The whole process was very quick. The telephone service at Sheffield Mutual is second to none and their track record of past performance is at the top

S Shaw, Derbyshire (Jul 16)


Excellent service and efficiency

K Freeman, South Yorkshire (Jul 16)


Highly satisfied how business was conducted

J Jackson, East Yorkshire (Jun 16)


Full of info and very fast in processing the policy

L Beresford-Kay, South Yorkshire (Jun 16)


Your phone service is excellent.

D Smith, Greater Manchester (Jun 16)


Everything was very easy

G Alderson – South Yorkshire (Jun 16)


I rang your office and was treated very efficiently by the young lady who answered my queries

P Hall, South Yorkshire (Jun 16)


Curtis and the team give me the clarity I need. Sheffield Mutual has provided a solid foundation for reliable financial performance, taking away the nervousness of investing during volatile post-modern times. A comprehensive and clear website

J Kelly, Northants  (Jun 16)


The staff I spoke to were extremely friendly and helpful, it makes such a difference when people care about their work and the people they are contacting

J Watson, West Yorkshire (May 16)


Excellent and fast service and the website was easy to use - spot on!

F Coverdale, Tyne and Wear (May 16)


First class service - well done 100%

G Cassidy, Cheshire (May 16)


At my age the ability to talk with a person by phone is a great help

K Gaskell, North Yorkshire  (May 16)


Really impressed by clarity, detail and pleasing appearance of your website

A Grace, West Yorkshire (May 16)


Friendly staff. Contacted me straight away in relation to any issues

E Ashforth, South Yorkshire (May 16)


I have always found staff to be very helpful and efficient. A pleasure to speak/deal with

C Stephens, Devon (May 16)


Excellent service throughout all dealings

A Thompson, North Yorkshire (May 16)


Easy, efficient & friendly - I appreciate the personal touch (e.g. email confirming application & notes with documentation)

T Barnwell, Northern Ireland (May 16)


"I have a number of your products and have always found staff and processes beyond reproach - a big well done!”

Mr Collett, Hampshire (Apr-16)

“Well done - first class service 100%”

Mr Cassidy, Cheshire (Apr-16)


“A year on, I then took out another policy and have enabled my daughter to take out a policy for her children.”

Mr Badham, Notts (Apr-16)


“Very friendly service”

Mr McCluskey, West Yorkshire  (Apr-16)


“The service provided by Mr Curtis Parker was excellent”

Anon, Peterborough (Apr-16)


“Efficient organisation, helpful lady on the telephone”

Ms Carlyle, North Yorkshire (Apr-16)


“No telephone operator. The person answering the phone had all the information needed at once”

Anon, South Yorkshire   (Apr-16)


“Excellent staff. Debra & Rosie”

Anon, South Yorkshire   (Apr-16)


“Excellent selection of plans aided by helpful and professional staff.”

Anon, Waterlooville (Mar-16)


“Your staff are a credit to your organisation - Debra & Rosie”

Anon, South Yorkshire   (Mar-16)


“Warm friendly staff no pressure put on, very informative made to feel comfortable.”

Mr Yates, North West (Mar-16)


“Can speak to individual staff, no transferring as with big organizations, situation handled efficiently.”

Ms Yates, North West (Mar-16)


“Mutual institution - locally based - better than average returns - business like attitude! Whats not to like?”      

Mr Gray, South Yorkshire (Mar-16)


“A really good service”

Anon, Peterborough (Mar-16)


“Highly effective and resourceful service provided in deciding on using your services.”

Anon, Gloucestershire    (Mar-16)


“Great service both on the phone and email. Looking to invest in a new policy aswell as my childrens policy.”        

Mr Slade, Middlesex (Feb-16)


“Very good would certainly recommend”

Mr Moore, South Yorkshire (Feb-16)


“Excellent promt and friendly service over the phone & written communication. Application really straight forward”              

Ms Mott, Glamorgan (Feb-16)


“Staff have been very good and polite”

Anon, Dorset (Feb-16)


“Have had previous policies, happy with them, took another one through financial advisor. Everything seems to have been sorted out very well.” 

Mr Freeman, South Yorkshire (Feb-16)


“Will definitely recommend”   

Mr Parker, East Sussex (Jan-16)


“A small locally-based mutual institution which produces better-than-average market yields… whats not to like? Also good marks for prompt business like attitudes.”          

Mr Gray, South Yorkshire (Jan-16)


“All staff have been extremely helpful, polite and warm.”

Ms Dunlop, Derbyshire  (Jan-16)


“Everything straight forward and simple. Ideal for all”

Anon, Cumbria (Dec-15)


“Exceptional customer service, prompt and polite, very professional sales team. Would highly recommend to friends and family.”

Ms Fielding, Manchester (Dec-15)


“Nothing too much trouble”

Anon, Norfolk    (Dec-15)


“An excellent service. Friendly, courteous and helpful staff and a very prompt and efficient service. I would recommend Sheffield Mutual to anyone.”

Mr Barraclough, South Yorkshire (December 2015)


“Everything was well managed from start to finish. When I had a query it was handled very efficiently.”

Mr Miller, Lancashire (December 2015) 


“I am so pleased I telephoned. The lady who I dealt with was excellent and well informed. A credit to you.”

Mr Searson, South Yorkshire (December 2015) 


“Found your service extremely efficient & very friendly. Rosie Wells is a real treasure, every confidence in dealing with you.”

Anon (December 2015)


“Friendly and helpful staff - Overall exceptional service!”

Anon (October 2015)


“I really appreciated the fact that all correspondences had been hand written. Can’t remember the last time that happened.”

Anon (October 2015)


“All was perfect a very knowledgeable company and very helpful, Thank You very much.”

Mr Arnold, Ryde (October 2015)


“Swift, Concise And Easy - Perfecto!”

Mr Ireland, West Midlands (October 2015)


“The personal email I received to say my application was being processed added a personal touch, as did the informative hand written note when my policy documents arrived - Excellent communication.”

Anon (September 2015)


“Spoke to several members of staff over the phone - All polite, professional & keen to help!”

Anon (September 2015)


"Spoke to several members of staff over the phone - all polite, professional & keen to help!"

Anon (September 2015) 


"Very pleased 10/10"

Mr Harris, County Durham (August 2015)


"Exceptional service and very helpful staff! thank you"

Anon (August 2015)


"Excellent customer service - lovely to have the phone answered by a real person (and someone who knew their stuff too!)"

Ms Lovestrom, Oxfordshire (July 2015)


"Your staff on the telephone are very helpful, kind and understanding and when processing paperwork they are always thorough, quick and professional. Wonderful service."

Anon (July 2015)


"Very professional, quick service with honest, clear simplified products. excellent!"

Mr March, Hertfordshire (July 2015)


"Very impressed with the service and a better website than other mutual organisations."

Mr Lamotte, London (June 2015)


"Staff excellent on the phone"

Anon (June 2015)


"Visited your office where we were dealt with in a very friendly but efficient manner. Sorted and on our way in no time (cup of coffee included) very impressed."

Anon (May 2015)


"Overall, very impressed! Happy to promote w.p. ISA as good alternative between cash ISA and full Stocks & Shares ISA."                                                                                                                    

Mr Walker, Perthshire (May 2015)


"It is the friendliest organisation I have encountered. Thank you"

Ms Bartlett, London (May 2015) 


"Quick, efficient service, happy staff and no jargon!"

Ms Wainwright, Derbyshire (May 2015)


"Outstanding service throughout setting up my policy."

Ms Montgomerie, York (May 2015)


"Your site is more functional and user friendly. The quote feature is fantastic!!! Leaves others standing."

Anon (May 2015)


"The process was stressless and very straight forward I am quite surprised how easy it was"

Anon (May 2015) 


“Very friendly and helpful member of staff when I telephoned with enquiry. Information provided straight away; Application then made on telephone as information provided”

Anon (May 2015) 


“All staff very pleasant and helpful. I liked the hand written note inside the documents wallet”

Anon (April 2015) 


“Email correspondance with staff enabled enquiry and application to be progressed effectively. Thank you.”

Anon (April 2015) 


“Very easy process, thank you!”        

Mrs Higgs,  London (Mar 2015) 


“A process that was made easy by good service. (First Class)”

Mr Davis, North Ayrshire (Mar 2015) 


“Easy and quick process - No fuss!” 

Mrs O'neill-Craig  East Renfrewshire (Mar 2015) 


“Excellent, quick service”      

Mrs Penney, Lancashire (Mar 2015) 


“I love how easy it is to get queries answered quickly by phone”

Mr Offord, Cambridge (Feb 2015) 


“It was nice to speak to someone that I have spoken to before. Curtis was so helpful and made it so easy for me to get my new policy.”

Mrs Waddoups, Derbyshire (Feb 2015) 


“Best financial company I have dealt with!”  

Mr Rajkonwar, North Yorkshire (Feb 2015) 


“Very efficient and friendly service. I am most impressed”

Mr McCluskey, West Yorkshire (Jan 2015) 


"A really professional service from highly competent financial practitioners at Sheffield Mutual"

Mr Trew, Hampshire (Jan 2015) 


"Your service is excellent. The website contains all of the information I needed"

Mr Allen, Tyne & Wear (Dec 2014) 


"From start to finish setting this policy up I feel I have had excellent service"

Mrs Sheridan, Lancashire (Nov 2014) 


"Staff very helpful and give feeling of confidence"

Mr Hindley, South Yorkshire (Nov 2014)


"Great service as always"

Mr Fieldhouse, North Yorkshire (Nov 2014)


"Excellent service - easy to use, fast and clear information"

Mr Scott, Cumbria (Nov 2014)


"Friendly efficient staff, would recommend in future. Website very informative and easy to understand"

Mr & Mrs Yates, Lancashire (Nov 2014)


"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They answered all my questions. Very satisfied, quick and easy transfer process."

Mr Wainwright, Derbyshire (Nov 2014)


"Plain speaking information. No jargon."

Anon (Oct 2014)


"Sheffield Mutual staff are always pleasant and polite. A pleasure to speak to them"

Anon (Oct 2014) 


"Extremely efficient and professional. Sheffield Mutual is way ahead of your rivals that I looked at, especially in the online application process and speed of follow up paperwork"

Anon (Oct 2014) 


"I had not completed my form correctly so was contacted by a customer service rep who could not have been more helpful - excellent service!"

Mr Fraser, Essex (Sept 2014) 


"I was contacted by phone by one of your staff and was pleased that he was so helpful"

Anon (Aug 2014)


"It's a pleasure for a real person to answer the phone."

Anon (Aug 2014)


"Very impressed with both professional and friendly customer service, at all times"

Anon (July 2014)


"Fed up with appalling management from big organisations. I wanted to get back to a system which cares about its customers"

Ms Hughes, Derbyshire (July 2014)


"Many thanks for your prompt efficient service, it is always a pleasure to do business with you. If only the banks would take a leaf out of your book the financial world would be a better place!"

Miss Thompson, West Yorkshire (July 2014)


"Friendly & efficient service. Will definitely consider future investments. Thank you!"

Mr Thornton, Tyne & Wear (July 2014)


"Very friendly staff who could not do enough for us"

Mrs Rhodes, South Yorkshire (July 2014)


"It is so pleasing to experience attentive efficiency from a financial organisation.. at last!"

Mr Caldwell, South Yorkshire (June 2014) 


"It is always a pleasure to speak to your competent staff when the phone is answered - not a machine!"

Ms Pattenden, North Yorkshire (June 2014) 


"Very good, friendly, knowledgeable helpful service from all concerned"
Anon (June 2014)

"My initial telephone conversation with you was both professional and polite, my questions answered in easy to understand speech with no pressure selling. I was most impressed."

Anon (May 2014) 


"Excellent communication and customer service"

Mr Morton, West Dumbartonshire (May 2014) 


"Your member of staff answered the telephone straight away: A welcome change from hours spent listening to telephone answering music"

Anon (April 2014) 


"Very pleased with the 'personal one to one' service. Didn't just feel like a number and there is no ongoing telephone sales pestering me. No one tried to sell me insurance - yipee. Thanks for a great old fashioned personal service"

Anon (April 2014) 


"I did my own research on your website which was extremely easy to understand. I took out a Tax Exempt Savings Plan for my son and was so pleased with the product and friendly service from your staff I recommended to my sister"

Mr Redhead, Cleveland (April 2014) 


"Very impressed in the short time it took to receive the policy documents."

Anon (April 2014) 


"Very efficient; fast; pleasant; clear. A good experience. Staff to be commended"

Mr Salmon, North Yorkshire (April 2014) 


"Quite exceptional for courtesy and promptness. Surpassed all other financial institutions that I have previously dealt with"

Mr Pointon, Cheshire (Mar 2014)  


"Excellent information provided throughout. Thank you. Easy and friendly to use website full of information with plenty of choices to choose the right investment"

Mr Turner, North Yorkshire (Mar 2014)


"Many thanks for your help on the phone. Each time I have asked a question, I have been treated with respect and kindness. This makes dealing with people a much nicer experience and I really appreciate that."

Anon (Feb 2014)


“The staff were exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable and it was very good to receive an email confirming receipt of my application"

Mrs Earnshaw, Lancashire (Sept 2013)


“Very pleased with the process"

Mrs Auty, South Yorkshire (Sept 2013)


“A hand written note in a handwritten envelope - fantastic! Thank you!"

Anon (Sept 2013)


“Excellent products and service – as an IFA myself I know this cannot be ‘taken as read’ these days! Well done Sheffield Mutual! Website was excellent/easy to use and a friendly helpful voice at end of the phone if need help”

Mr Marchant, West Sussex (Aug 2013)


“Good product and service!”

Mr Turton, Devon (Aug 2013)


“I was brought up in Sheffield/Barnsley so I prefer to give my business to my home town”

Mr Davis, Lincolnshire (July 2013)


“Smashing service”

Mr Duggan, Merseyside (July 2013) 


“Very friendly staff on the phone”

Anon (June 2013)


“Excellent service as per usual, one of the best websites I’ve used, excellent! Great to be able to apply online”

Mr Henderson, Moray (June 2013)


“Totally satisfied does not cover how I feel – excellent service that surprised me. Well done! Website was straight forward, easy to navigate and info where you said it was”

Anon (June 2013)


“Excellent telephone contact”

Mr Crabbe, Ayrshire (June 2013)


“Everything went smoothly. Thank you very much.”

Anon (May 2013)


“Excellent service”

Anon (May 2013)


“Very professional service, clear and concise”

Mrs Adams, Hertfordshire (May 2013) 


“I have dealings with many financial organisations and found your service and literature first class”

Anon (Apr 2013)


“A high level of service observed and website application was easy”

Anon (Apr 2013)


“Very straight forward from start to finish, now my wife wants to do the same!”

Mr Ramsdale, Lancashire (Mar 2013)


“Excellent website, better laid out than some of the larger organisations I deal with”

Mr Henderson, Moray (Mar 2013)


“I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with your organisation”

Mr Lee, East Sussex (Mar 2013)


“I was impressed with the speed in which the application form/information arrived in the post”

Anon (Feb 2013)


“Superb – as always!”

Mrs Tompkins, South Yorkshire (Feb 2013)


“Very pleased, everything feels fair and ‘just right’. Thank you!”

Anon (Feb 2013)


“Please pardon the pun: I think your staff are very friendly and efficient”

Mrs Clarke, South Yorkshire (Jan 2013)


“Very simple application process and clear information when phoning”

Anon (Dec 2012) 


“On two occasions when I rang the office the staff couldn’t have been more helpful and the email communication was very professional and polite” 

Mr Megson, East Yorkshire (Nov 2012) 


“Totally satisfied in every aspect” 

Mr Scotland, Northamptonshire (Sept 2012)  


“I had a couple of queries for additional information, my call was answered promptly, the staff member was helpful and I received all the information I required”

Anon (Aug 2012) 


“You take the time out to answer the telephone but still produce the efficiencies and returns required of a modern financial institution” 

Mrs Davies, Mid Glamorgan (July 2012) 


“Very simple process” 

Mr Hancock, Derbyshire (Apr 2012) 


“Both my husband and I took out policies and it was so sensible to see both acknowledgements and policy documents in one envelope and one lot of postage with a hand written note! Personable and some thought gone into it” 

Mrs Barrell, Surrey (Feb 2012) 


“Policy documents were sent to me soon after my investment and were very clear to understand. I also liked the handwritten acknowledgement from Sheffield Mutual to confirm receipt of my investment.” 

Mr Ogden, South Yorkshire (Feb 2012) 


“Very friendly and helpful staff”

Mr Higton, Staffordshire (Jan 2012) 


“I have only joined your Society recently, but initial impression is a positive one. I’m confident you will continue to deliver excellent results.”

Mr Winchole, Renfrewshire (Sept 2011)


“When phoning I found the service to be polite and friendly. You understood my questions and answered them timely and confidently. Excellent customer service”

Mr J Shaw, South Yorkshire (Sept 2011)


“Very good service and easy to understand information”

Mrs W Shaw, South Yorkshire (Sept 2011)


“It was extremely pleasing to be treated like a human being, rather than a number – keep it up Sheffield!”

Mr Shore, Warwickshire (June 2011)


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