SRSB - Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind

Posted on June 19, 2018

Picture this for a moment and just take a few minutes to think how you would feel...

  • You woke up this morning and couldn't see
  • How do you come to terms with this?
  • What will happen to your job?
  • How are you going to live?
  • How will I get around? 
  • What about my day to day life?
  • How am I going to look after my kids?
These are just a few of the immediate things you'd be thinking and this is why SRSB was formed.

SRSB formed in 1860 and have been supporting blind and partially sighted people for over 158 years.

They provide opportunity, support and friendship, helping people to achieve their goals and aspirations. They employ around 70 people at their Mappin Street Centre and Residential Home in Sheffield. They also have the support of over 170 volunteers without whom many of the activities and events could not take place.

They've recently opened a new centre in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Rotherham Sight & Sound (RS&S), is based on Ship Hill in Rotherham. This new service was established after Rotherham Council contacted SRSB wanting to develop their service for people with sensory impairment. As this is a sensory service, they deliver services to people with both sight and hearing impairments, whether they be hearing aid users, British Sign Language (BSL) users or those with dual sensory loss (deafblind). They welcome around 300 clients each week and offer a broad range of activities and events, some of which the community can also get involved in. Their residential home cares for up to 30 people.

SRSB have their own mini bus in Sheffield, but RS&S are in desperate need of one of their own. Over 250 people per day in the UK start to lose their sight, so more mini busses and resources will be required. At a staggering £50,000+ to buy the correct vehicle and create the perfect transport environment required for the sensory impaired person, they really need your help. 


Rotherham Sight and Sound

SRSB hold daily activities, they pick up the client and bring them to the centre for lunch. They can take part in numerous activities whilst there and sometime the go on a day trip, which really helps with the issue of social isolation.

They teach people about the equipment they can use and how to use it, they also have people out and about in the community providing vital befriending support and helping people to maintain their independence at home.

They have a mobile information unit which raises the importance of eye health. They provide visual awareness training to organsiations to help people understand the challenges faced by people with sight loss.

I can't actually believe the variety of work this fantastic charity does, and it doesn't stop there!

Other things they offer are:

  • A playgroup
  • Youth Club
  • Self help & Support Groups
  • Culture Club
  • Other residential services

Megan and I really enjoyed our visit and would really urge you to get involved and help where you can, whether it be a monetary donation towards their new mini bus, or just an hour of your time, I know it would be greatly appreciated.

You can donate here

Here is their jam packed upcoming events list:

  • Thursday 21st June 2018: Charity Pub Quiz - The Old Queens Head, Sheffield
  • Saturday 30th June - 8th July 2018: Sheffield Stays In - stay in and raise money for SRSB
  • Friday 17th August 2018: Blind Driving - for the sighted drive blindfolded or the opportunity for a blind/partially sighted to have a go at driving
  • Friday 21st September: Charity Golf Day - Abbeydale Golf Club
  • Friday 19th October: Gin & Food Evening, Sheffield
  • Friday 16th November: Glass & Firewalk, Hillsborough Arena

You can find out more about these events on their website:

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