Paul Galloway

  • Job title: Chief Operating Officer
  • Joined Sheffield Mutual in: 2018
  • Hobbies? –  Walking, music, films and charity work (I sit on the board of trustees as vice-treasurer for RSPCA Sheffield).
  • Loves? – My cats, comedy, films and music
  • Favourite Destination? –  Lake District
  • Dream Car? – 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
  • Favourite Film? – Back to the Future part 1
  • What one item would you take onto a desert island? –  A volleyball called Wilson
  • What would you do with £1 million? – Buy a house in the Lake District
  • 15 minutes of fame? – I once produced, co-wrote and starred in a successful comedy sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe festival.
  • Favourite tipple – Guinness
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