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In line with our history, heritage and ethical values, Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society is committed to helping good causes in the course of doing business.

2017 Charity Award

This year we're letting you decide which charity receives the £5,000 2017 charity award!

The nominations are in and the Committee of Management have agreed the final 10 charities to put to the public vote.

Find out more and vote now!

For Autism, For Epilepsy, For Disability

For Autism, For Epilepsy, For Disability

2017 Staff Choice Charity.

This year the staff at Sheffield Mutual have chosen Support Dogs as their charity of the year.

Support Dogs is a charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy, physical disabilities and families of children with autism.  “Training dogs to Transform lives”

This year is a massive milestone for Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society and Support Dogs, as we join in celebration for our 125th and 25th birthdays respectively. Sheffield Mutual has been in collaboration with Support Dogs for over 4 years now, donating over £25,000 via various schemes and staff fundraising.

Support Dogs is a national charity based in Sheffield who provide and train dogs to assist people with disabilities and autism. They also train seizure alert dogs to provide a 100% reliable warning of up to 50 minutes prior to an oncoming seizure – essentially they are giving people their lives back.

This year Sheffield Mutual is donating a further £2,500 as the staff's chosen charity for 2017. Support Dogs will use this to fund their annual graduation ceremony and to help spread the word about this fantastic charity.

Sheffield Mutual Community Fund

Each year the Society will aim to make funds available for donations to smaller local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations from the Sheffield Mutual Community Fund. Download complete and return the simple form below to request a donation. Requests must be in line with our Donations Policy as outlined below.

Community Fund Application Form (391.4K, .PDF)

Donations Policy

In addition to supporting our staff chosen charity as outlined above, further donations up to £1,000 may be awarded to local charities, community, and voluntary and self-help groups in line with the following criteria:

  • it must address a community issue or need
  • it must come from South Yorkshire or from elsewhere if nominated by an existing member of the Society
  • priority will be given to projects or initiatives aimed at relieving hardship, poverty or suffering
  • recipient charities and good causes will be required to use their best endeavours to promote the Mutual Friends scheme and must agree to participate in publicity photos etc. if required

All applications will be considered by a selection panel made up of staff and committee members. The panel's decision will be final.

There are a few standard exclusions to be aware of:

  • Donations will not be made to individuals, companies, political parties or religious groups (unless the project will benefit the wider community)
  • Donations are not normally available for the benefit of overseas communities
  • Donations are not normally available to cover general running costs, but must be for specific projects, initiatives, services, facilities or equipment
  • Donations are not available for statutory services, such as libraries and hospitals
  • Charities or groups who have received a donation within the last 12 months should not apply


Sheffield Mutual will consider requests for local sponsorship. The sponsorship must be consistent with our values and with the intention of benefiting communities within the Society’s South Yorkshire heartland. 

The Society also operates a Mutual Friends® Scheme whereby when a policy is opened via the scheme a donation is made to the charity or good cause and the applicant gets a £10 gift card as a thank you. Find out more about Mutual Friends here.

Contact us now if you want to discuss a particular sponsorship opportunity.

Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends

M&S Gift Card

M&S Gift Card

Mutual Friends®

What is it and how does it work?

Mutual Friends® is a brilliantly simple scheme, enabling the Society's members to support a charity or good cause (including not-for-profit clubs, societies and community groups) when taking out a new savings plan or life policy with Sheffield Mutual Friendly Society.

All you need to do is select the Mutual Friends option at the start of your on-line application, or if using a paper application form write 'Mutual Friends' followed by the name of your chosen charity or good cause in the 'How did you hear about us?' section of the form - we'll do the rest!

The donation will be made by Sheffield Mutual and will not affect your plan. We'll also send you a £10 gift card as a thank you for supporting the Mutual Friends® scheme after your policy starts.

Examples of donations we can make are below:-

  •     £60 for a £25 per month Tax Exempt or Regular Savings Plan
  •     £75 for a £5,000 Investment Bond
  •     £100 for a £10,000 Investment ISA

Mutual Friends Referral Leaflet (511.8K, .PDF)

Bluebell Wood Referral Leaflet (556.2K, .PDF)

Support Dogs Referral Leaflet (1.1M, .PDF)

RVS Referral Leaflet (472.8K, .PDF)

Whirlow Hall Farm Referral Leaflet (950.6K, .PDF)

British Tinnitus Association Referral Leaflet (768.1K, .PDF)

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