Dawn Gregory

  • Job title: Business Development Manager
  • Joined Sheffield Mutual in: 2008
  • Hobbies: I have many hobbies but here are a few :- Camper-vanning, Music, Apple gadgets and I am a bit of a film fanatic.
  • Loves: My family, my dogs, nature and birds.
  • Favourite Destination: Where ever the campervan takes me, but I do love Llandudno and Cornwall – for the further a-field the Dominican Republic.
  • Dream Car: Ford Mustang
  • If you could only take one item on a desert island what would it be: My iphone – including solar panel charger!
  • What I’d do with a million: Treat all my family and friends and invest some with Sheffield Mutual.
  • 15 minutes of fame: Having played football for Stockport County ladies I have been mentioned in their match programme a few times.
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