Charity Award – Survivors of depression in transition

Posted on May 15, 2017



We are a small Survivor & user led women’s organisation based in Sheffield who have been running for over 20 years. We support women who experience mental health distress by the use of peer support, one to one talking therapy, campaigning,  mental health awareness training and telephone support as well as other activities.

We are 100% run by volunteers and have been awarded regional and national awards for our work locally in Sheffield, for both conferences we have held and our community engagement. We tend to fill the gaps in health services and for those people who fall through them as we do not have complex referrals and women have the flexibility to do as much as they need and can drop in and out. We work in a very holistic, family centred way with the core values that underpin our work.

Having survivor based volunteers means they have the human connection of what it feels like to have gone through all the ups and downs of health conditions both with mind and body.  Creating those  connections gives people hope for the future. We are about the moving on with life, hence the transition , but also giving flexibility and the reassurance we won’t just let people go because they have had 12 weeks of support, such as in the NHS.

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