Charity Award – South Yorkshire MS Therapy Centre

Posted on May 14, 2017

As people are becoming more proactive in seeking additional ways in taking positive steps towards their personal good health, interest in our specialised Oxygen Therapy is increasing. Oxygen therapy is easy to use, you sit in a specially constructed, pressure controlled chamber (ours seats six) wear an oxygen mask, sit back and breathe – medical oxygen.  But the benefits are far reaching; people who use O2T say it helps alleviate a many symptoms of chronic illness. It is also recognised as being a   positive aid to healing and repairing nerve and tissue damage, encouraging the growth of new blood vessels, improving blood supply and increase the ability of the body’s defence mechanisms to fight infection and kill bacteria.

We are proud to say we also offer physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massages, aromatherapy, a foot health practitioner and counsellor.  We have an exercise room with a good range of anti-spasm equipment and very importantly, a very active, social drop-in area where refreshments, friendly banter and wise words are always available and everyone is welcome.

For 2017 we need to raise £149,712,  our therapies basic costs are £61,980.  Any support given to us is very much appreciated and really does count.

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