Charity Award – Rain Rescue

Posted on May 13, 2017

Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue are a local and active animal welfare charity that saves the lives of dogs and cats within South Yorkshire facing destruction, cruelty or neglect.  Whilst we pride ourselves on helping around 500 dogs and cats each year from Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster, we also support and help so many people and families in crisis  with their pets too. Family breakdowns, those facing poverty and eviction, fleeing violent relationships, moving into care homes or back with family members each will often have a loved pet that they are desperate to also keep safe.

Rain Rescue are there to not just lend a friendly ear – we help the family member and the relatives, by taking the animal into our care. South Yorkshire local authorities reluctantly put to sleep a total of 638 stray dogs in 2016 – the highest percentage of all regions in the country and double the national average. Cats, at epidemic proportions are neglected and left behind, and living in deplorable conditions. During 2016 Rain Rescue saved 471 lives from true crisis situations and helped them move onto new loving homes.

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