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Posted on May 10, 2017

Be Child Cancer Aware

Be Child Cancer Aware

Be Child Cancer Aware is a charity set up by parents of children with cancer to promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of childhood cancer.  The charity also supports children and their families going through cancer treatment by providing the Beads of Courage programme to all oncology hospitals throughout the UK.

The Beads of Courage Programme was the brainchild of Jean Baruch, a paediatric oncology nurse working on her PhD in nursing at the University of Arizona.  She developed the programme based on her experiences as a children’s nurse and it was piloted at Phoenix Childrens’ Hospital in 2003. Since then it has spread to various countries around the world and currently supports 50,000 children and their families worldwide.  The primary aim of the programme is to support children and their families throughout their treatment journey and to help give them strength and resilience to cope better with what they have to go through.  With every treatment, children receive a specific bead relating to their treatment.  The child’s string of beads provides a tangible and meaningful record of their personal journey; something that they can show to friends and family to help explain what has been happening to them.  It can help them to better understand their treatment and give a feeling of pride and self worth when they see what they have been through and coped with.

Should Be Child Cancer Aware be successful in being awarded funding, the funds will be used to support programmes currently in Sheffield, St James’ Hospital Leeds, Institute of Oncology in Leeds and Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham where a number of Yorkshire children go for specific specialist treatment. No matter where a child goes for treatment around the UK and US, they continue receiving their beads documenting their entire treatment journey.

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