Megan Carrie

Megan's main roles are administrating and processing new policies, member applications and Child Trust Fund accounts, as well as fulfilling information requests.

Megan's credentials

Job role: Child Trust Fund Administrator

Previous experience: School, college and successfully completed apprenticeship in 2019

When did you start at Sheffield Mutual? 2017

More about me

Three words to describe you? Clumsy, caring and opinionated (described by Debra and Rosie)

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working? Shopping and going out with friends

Who would play you in a film? Emma Roberts

Do you have any phobias? Small holes in a cluster (Trypophobia)

Favourite TV programme? Gossip Girl

Just for fun

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Morning or evening? Evening

Sweet or savoury? Sweet

Bath or shower? Shower

Tea or coffee? Tea

Winter or summer? Summer

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