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2019 Charity Award

'DAG' Scarborough Disability Action Group: Charity Reference No 703172

Scarborough Disability Action Group (DAG) are a registered charity and were formed in 1989 by local disabled people to provide information, advice and guidance on a wide range of key disability issues including welfare benefits, community care, transport and equipment. 

We deal with over 10,000 enquiries each year and in April 2019 were awarded the prestigious Duke of York Community Initiative Award.

DAG is based on the North Yorkshire coast. It is a user-led organisation that promotes the independence and empowerment of disabled people and the full integration of this section of the community into all areas of life. Along with its information and advice service, the group offers volunteering opportunities, consultancy about environmental access, disability awareness training and a TREATS programme.


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FareShare Yorkshire: Charity Reference No 1075477

FareShare Yorkshire helps 236 vital frontline organisations to feed 18,000 vulnerable, isolated and disadvantaged people across Yorkshire each week. We do this by working in partnership with the food industry to redistribute 850 tonnes of quality in-date surplus food each year that would otherwise become animal feed, be burned to create energy or be dumped in landfill.  

We support frontline services such as elderly lunch clubs, refuges, breakfast clubs, homeless shelters and soup kitchens with enough protein, dairy, fresh produce, high-fibre and carbohydrates for 1,900,000 meals each year. These services then use that food as a catalyst to bring communities together, improve people’s diet and teach them to cook nutritious meals on a tight budget. We save each one an average of £7,900 a year which they can divert to other services such as children’s clubs, healthy eating classes, advice or outreach work and the provision of shelter. 

We also provide accredited forklift truck training to unemployed people living in South Yorkshire as part of an eight week volunteering programme to drastically improve their employability and provide skills, confidence and relevant experience they need to move into work. In the second half of 2018 we trained 16 people at their Barnsley Regional Centre. Nine were offered employment within three months.

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The LimbBo Foundation: Charity Reference No 1180501

The LimbBO Foundation are a small Barnsley based charity working hard to enhance the lives of children with limb differences and their families. We want to create smiles on the faces of kids who, despite being unbelievably brave, haven't had the easiest start in life and to reassure parents that they are not alone.

Our three main aims are:

• To provide 3D printed assistive devices such as printed arms in a design chosen by the child (anything from Thomas the Tank Engine to Spiderman!), adapted bikes which allow a child with an upper limb difference to be able to ride safely, drum stick adaptations and a camera device.

• To enable children and their families to meet up and interact by organising days out as well as allowing for online connections to be made.

•To raise awareness of limb difference – social media presence as well as our own book ‘Tommy’s Story’ written by us and illustrated by Yr 10 GCSE art students in Barnsley. We have plans for a book for older children too.


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Motor Neurone Disease Association (South Yorkshire): Charity Reference No 294354

A message from South Yorkshire MND Association: Today in the UK, six people will hear the devastating news that they have motor neurone disease (MND). In that instant, their world – and the world of their loved ones - is shattered. 

MND attacks the nerves, leaving those affected unable to walk, talk, eat and ultimately to breathe. It usually progresses rapidly and there is currently no effective treatment or cure. One third of people with MND lose their life within a year and over half within two years of diagnosis. 

Through our 'Support Grant Service' we play a key role in improving the quality of life of people living with MND. The timely provision of essential specialist equipment and support enables continuing independence as well as providing comfort, dignity and a sense of control. 

The local South Yorkshire MND Association branch provides support to people affected by this devastating disease across the region. In 2018 we provided £35,992 in support grants that helped families, living with MND, to access the vital equipment, house adaptations and communication aids they desperately needed, at a time they needed it most. 

With your support in 2019 we can continue to deliver vital support to local families affected by MND.

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Sheffield Flourish: Charity Reference No 1147334

Sheffield Flourish is a small charity set up in 2016 (originally Recovery Enterprises 2012) which helps people recover and rebuild their lives following mental illness.

We grew out of the SHSC (Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation) trust and users of mental health services. The involvement of the mental health community shape and direct Flourish's work.  We support people to build new connections and relationships; realise their ideas and talents and have their voices heard.  Our role is not to focus on people’s mental health conditions but help them see beyond their condition and define themselves by their assets, abilities, interests and dreams. 

We run two websites Sheffield Flourish- provides the means to connect, share stories of personal mental health experiences and Sheffield Mental Health Guide – directory of mental health activities available in the city.

We also support four community enterprises to increase opportunities for people to connect with other people, learn new skills, be active, have fun, volunteer and gain employment experience.  Enterprises:  Oasis Gardening project ; Brunsmeer Awareness Football (men & women), CAST Art & Writing groups and Open Door Music. 

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The Sheffield Cats Shelter: Charity Reference No 1172162

The Sheffield Cats Shelter was established in 1897 by Jane Barker, daughter of a wealthy manufacturer. The Sheffield Cats Shelter was managed by a Committee with a resident caretaker/warden for many years. The charity now has a team of cat welfare staff, a charity manager, charity administrator and a board of trustees.

The charity has built on the work of Jane Barker and is now a modern and forward looking organisation. 

The charities mission is to find loving homes for homeless or neglected cats. We never put a healthy cat to sleep and ensure that all cats in the shelters care receive any medical treatment that they need. 

The cats come to the shelter for a variety of reasons, usually because they have lost their carer or home or have been found abandoned. Once they are in our care we provide exceptional care for every cat, giving them a ‘home from home’ environment and finding the right family for each cat so that their needs and personality are catered for.

The shelter does not just provide a rehoming service, we provide ongoing advice and support to cat owners and educate and advise on all aspects of cat care.

We also have a team of short term foster carers whom look after mums with young litters, or orphan litters that need hand raising. Once kittens are old enough they are returned to the shelter so that they can be found permanent homes. 

The average cost of caring for and rehoming a cat is £250 for the time they are in the shelter.

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Vida Sheffield: Charity Reference No 1092661

Vida Sheffield is a women's organisation dedicated to raising awareness of domestic and sexual abuse.  

We deliver life changing therapeutic services to women and girls affected by abuse and trauma:

  • Eva Therapy Service – one-to-one therapy and specialist group work programmes
  • An informal support group focused on crafts activities and peer support to help reduce the isolation of female survivors, including those still experiencing abuse 
We also offer specialist training to promote trauma-informed working, alongside campaigns and preventative work to tackle the underlying causes.
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Weston Park Cancer Charity: Charity Reference No 509803

It’s a sad fact that one out of every two of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during our lifetime. Weston Park Cancer Charity exists to create a better life for cancer patients and their families who are under the care of Weston Park Hospital, a specialist cancer centre in Sheffield, serving the population of South Yorkshire & beyond.

We provide comprehensive support services to help anyone affected by cancer deal with the wide range of emotional, practical and financial difficulties that can occur as a result of a cancer diagnosis. We strive to  ensure that local cancer patients have access to the highest standards of treatment and care. We invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment to improve cancer treatment techniques and fund projects to enhance the physical environment at Weston Park Hospital. We also fund pioneering cancer research projects which give current cancer patients access to breakthrough new treatments not currently available on the NHS.

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Whirlow Hall Farm Trust: Charity Reference No 508910

Although Whirlow Hall Farm Trust is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year we’re still surprised that many people in and around Sheffield are not aware of our work.

We run programmes for children who are excluded or at risk of exclusion from mainstream education – we help them get back on track. We have activities for young people who have additional educational needs to help them develop life skills, grow in confidence and reduce the risk of isolation. We host schools on day and residential visits so that they can learn in a different environment, grow in confidence and develop bonds with classmates and teaching staff.

At Whirlow Hall Farm Trust we play a vital role in keeping ‘at risk’ children engaged with education. Abuse, neglect, bullying or a family bereavement; autism or high levels of anxiety are all reasons why young people might be disengaged at school, or cause them to withdraw or display anti-social behaviour.

We host schools on day and residential visits so that they can learn in a different environment, grow in confidence and develop bonds with classmates and teaching staff.

We offer nurturing, curriculum-linked programmes of therapeutic farm-based activities to help children better understand themselves and provide schools with valuable insights into each child’s learning needs. Our programmes at the farm are designed to alleviate anxiety. We provide a wide range of activities that allow the child to be successful. This helps build their self-esteem and reduces anxieties. In this more confident state we then help the child to work through why they find it so hard to be at school, the triggers that cause them to lose control and potential strategies to help them deal with these feelings with the help of school support staff.

Over 95% of children referred to us have remained in mainstream education. Our motivation is simple. Where some see a problem, we see potential.

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York Teaching Hospital Charity (Butterfly Appeal): Charity Reference No 1054527

We need your help to raise funds for our Butterfly Appeal to create a dedicated Maternity Bereavement Suite at York Hospital.

Imagine hearing the devastating news no new parent wants to hear.  Every week at York Hospital, families find out that their baby is unlikely to survive birth or will sadly be stillborn. We know there is nothing that can take away the pain for these families following a late pregnancy loss, stillbirth or death of their baby soon after birth, but we also know how precious those few hours or days can be before they have to say their final goodbyes.

Your donation will help to provide families who will sadly suffer the death of their baby at York hospital somewhere private to feel safe and cared for. We want them to have somewhere comfortable and quiet to sleep, somewhere with space to walk and space to sit, somewhere with access to fresh air, somewhere they can have family to visit, somewhere private and somewhere they can have quality time to say goodbye to their baby and begin their journey of grief.  

Currently these parents have to use a small bedroom adjacent to the maternity and labour ward, they have to use the shared kitchen to make a drink and have no private outside space.

Our charity aims to make a real difference to the care and services that people receive in our hospitals from York to the Yorkshire coast. We fund things above and beyond the central NHS budget with the aim of improving the patient experience to make them feel better.

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